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about Studio Mosquito

Studio Mosquito is the home studio of Frodo Kuipers: a Dutch director, character animator, storyboard artist and illustrator.

After studying animation at the ABV in Tilburg (NL) and KASK Gent (B) he graduated in 2001 with his acclaimed short film 'Antipoden', which won awards at several film festivals.
Between 2002 and 2005 he was an artist in residence at the NIAf (Netherlands Instute for Animation film) where he continued his development as an animation director and animator. He finished 2 films: 'Street' and 'Shipwrecked'.
Frodo founded Studio Mosquito in 2005, where he focussed mainly on directing independent animation shorts, but he also animated a broad collection of applied work, and made storyboards and animations for various other productions.
In 2016 Frodo finished his latest short film 'Bullet Time' (Merlijn Passier Productions), which was selected shown at numerous international filmfestivals worldwide. Also, the film was selected to be the Dutch submission for the Oscar® in the Animated Short Film category.

Frodo Kuipers aan de tekentafel.

​In his personal work, Frodo mainly works as a traditional 2D hand drawn animator.Next to this, he also works as a storyboard artist and character animator in different productions like feature films, series, commercials and short films of other directors.


Besides his animation work, Frodo has been teaching animation and directing at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam since 2005 and he occasionally works as a musician and actor.

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